The Safest and Easiest
Fundraiser Ever!

RocketRaise is a safe, virtual fundraiser.
Your group can easily earn
up to 50% profit.
It requires no face-to-face
selling, collecting money,
or delivering products, and it
can all be done on your phone.

Fundraising can be a stressful process involving weeks of planning, event coordination, and huge commitments from volunteers, parents, and group members.

You need to raise funds for trips, equipment, uniforms and countless other things, but you don't want to put the weight of another complicated fundraiser on your group. That's where RocketRaise can help. We take care of the majority of the work and remove the risk so you can help your group reach for the stars!

Fundraising Shouldn't HAVE TO BE SO

You can say goodbye to...

  • Face-to-face Selling
  • Collecting Money
  • Delivering Products
  • Hours of Work by Volunteers

Launch Your Fundraising
to New Heights!

RocketRaise is an easy and online fundraising program helping groups raise money from the safety of their phone. Your group earns up to 50% profit by inviting family and friends by email, text and social media to order magazines, cookbooks, home decor and other items online. All items are shipped directly to the supporter's home. Click here to view the online store.

Here's how to get started with RocketRaise in 3 easy steps:

Sign Up

Sign up for free. We'll create a custom website for your group and prepare announcements to start your program.

Spread The Word

Parents and group members use our email generator to send emails and texts to family and friends...asking them to help meet your goal.

Raise Funds

Earn up to 50% on all online sales. Watch your online report to track how much you've earned by group member.

Or Call Us At: (800) 235-4450